Course Materials Book

This book is the home of the majority of materials used within the Core Developer Track of the Polkadot Blockchain Academy.

Read the Book

We suggest the online version for general use, but cloning, installing, and building this book offline is a great option on-the-go.

Hosted Online

The latest version is hosted at:

Build Offline

The Core Developer Track of the Academy is Rust heavy and as such, you need to install rust before you can continue.

In order to make your life easy 😉, there is a set of tasks that use cargo make.

With cargo make installed, you can list all tasks included to facilitate further installation, building, serving, formatting, and more with:

# Run from the top-level working dir of this repo
makers --list-all-steps

The tasks should be self-explanatory, if they are not - please file an issue to help us make them better.

License and Use Policies

All materials found within this repository are licensed under Mozilla Public License Version 2.0 - See the License for details.

In addition to the license, we ask you read and respect the Academy's Code of Conduct and help us foster a healthy and scholarly community of high academic integrity.

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